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My house is me…

When you raise kids, you end up reading a bunch of kids’ books. While a few are inane, forgettable drivel, most serve you well, and do the trick for the time being. Still another few rise above the many, and teach … Continue reading

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Yes or No on 92? Cut through the crap, and the answer will reveal itself.

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Election tensions are be ramping up here in Oregon – on some issues more than others. In this past week, we received no less than three mailings from those representing the NO-side of Measure 92…

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Midsummer magic and the twilight pursuit of dreams

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Today is Midsummer’s Eve, which – as an expat – always fills me with a sort of homesick melancholy. In Sweden, the Summer Solstice is a national holiday, whereas here it is a regular…

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  Just imagine. It’s all about priorities. Always, always. xo J.

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Veni vedi WeHoP – part 3 – fabulous plants, color, and texture

While the previous two posts about our awesome adventure focused more on overall shots and a chronological narrative of our trip, I figured I’d cram a few more photos into a final post on the matter. It was such a … Continue reading

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