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Magic and Mysticism in Scandinavian Vernacular Architecture – on Folklore, Superstition and on How the Gods Really Were in the Details…

The urge to decorate is as old as mankind. Since time immemorial, adornments have served as status indicators, cultural and national insignia, as well as tribal trademarks. Heraldic badges and coats of arms mark political and familial affiliations, and entire … Continue reading

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HGTV is not Reality TV!

With the arrival of computers and programs like Illustrator and Photoshop, the world experienced a flood wave of newly hatched “graphic designers”. Sure, they might be prodigious navigators of the above mentioned programs, but were they really putting out good … Continue reading

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What Color Should It Be?

A friend of mine who is a realtor often gets asked by her clients what the latest color trends are. Good question, but in regards to architecture and interiors, it is pretty hard to answer in a satisfactory way. On … Continue reading

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Designer Fees and How To Control Your Costs

The fee structures of the architectural design world can be a bit confusing to clients, but there really is a method to the madness. Design and remodeling is an affair consisting of many layers, so there is a level of … Continue reading

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Do I Really Need to Hire a Designer?

Well,  that depends on your expectations…. I could list a long rant about years of training, practice and construction experience, but I’m not going to. Instead, I will tell you about some interesting DIY  and “undesigned” solutions I have seen … Continue reading

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Cut your heating bill in half!

Came across this wonderful solution to short growing seasons in the North! The architect Bengt Warne was w-a-y ahead of his time when he designed and built this house in 1976. Check it out here: http://inhabitat.com/naturhus-an-entire-house-wrapped-in-its-own-private-greenhouse/

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How cool is this? Super-strong, über-green German building material!

November 18, 2010 Sometimes, just considering the awe-inspiring properties of some of the new materials available on the market, offers an exhilarating exercise in beautiful possibilities! For the collective benefit of us all, brilliant engineers at the German company Consido … Continue reading

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