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Doors, portals, passages and gates of Sweden

I’m sure that somewhere, photographic essays – yes, probably entire books, have been assembled on doors and their similes. After all, for being such a simple, utilitarian building element, they are ascribed huge symbolic importance; hope, opening, opportunity, passage, transition from … Continue reading


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Celebration of the times before the big disconnect – how the old masters selected wood

I spent my childhood summers on a farm in a rather desolate part of northern Sweden. At one point, much later in life, we were looking into moving a small grain storage barn on the property. It was situated a … Continue reading

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Is this why kids aren’t allowed to return to Jeff?

Contained in this link is the absolute best overview of the miserable thing we call the PPS Transfer Policy, I could find. In fact, it is so good, that it – as a few of the subsequent comments suggest – … Continue reading

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Three Cheers for Diversity – on Racial Bias in Portland Public Schools

This posting could have been posted yesterday, on Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. However, much of its contents would have made him turn in his grave, so I opted to respect his memory by waiting until today. For over a … Continue reading

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Lucia, Yule Goats, and other interesting occurrences

December 12, 2010 Okay – so the Holiday Madness is upon us, yet again! Since I’m a transplant away from my own country, I always think it’s fun to compare traditions – especially since the US represents such a wide … Continue reading

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