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Wednesday Vignette – a happy anniversary?

As I logged on to write my weekly little ditty, WordPress pinged me with a celebratory message that I started blogging 10 years ago. Oh my! That sure went fast! Though not what I intended to write about today, I … Continue reading

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The female superpower – Tetrachromacy!

Remember that biology class you took way back when – the one on the anatomy of the eye? Where you learned¬†about rods and cones? Okay, it’s probably all coming back to you now…¬†Anyhow, most humans are trichromatic. This means their … Continue reading


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When white isn’t really white

I got a call from one of my subs… “It looks green”, he said, with not a small measure of panic in his voice. Calls like that are always unnerving, but over the years, I have learned to trust my … Continue reading

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If you want luminosity – paint with light!

Remember the color wheel? With primary, secondary, tertiary colors? The complementary colors are the ones that are located opposite of each other. The most basic complementary colors are red vs. green, orange vs. blue, and yellow vs. purple. If you … Continue reading

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Why So Many Colors?

The paint company Sherwin Williams have a program where they donate paint to beautify public schools. In 2006, Beach Elementary were the excited and grateful recipients of one of these donations. I set the colors, and volunteers from Hands-On Portland … Continue reading

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