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On Scandinavian painting traditions – aspirations, light, and mindset…. Part 1

Although we have effectively turned the corner, with both the winter solstice and 2016 behind us, it doesn’t yet feel as if the light is coming back. At least not to me. But – you have to trust me on … Continue reading

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Fatten up with a Semla on Fat Tuesday!

Well my friends, once again, it is Mardi Gras, Fettisdagen, or Fat Tuesday – whichever moniker you prefer! Back in the day, that meant that this was the last day of Shrovetide, and your last chance to gorge yourself on … Continue reading

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Subtle, simple and sensual – material expressions in the Japanese Garden

One of the top destinations in our fair city – in my book, at least – is the Japanese Garden. It never disappoints. Every time I go, I see new things, depending on light, weather, seasons – what have you. … Continue reading

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Bullar – the real Swedish treat!

IKEA has no doubt opened minds and wallets of millions of nesting Americans. I’m totally cool with that. What I do have a problem with, however, is that because of IKEA’s populistic prominence, Swedish meatballs and cinnamon rolls have now … Continue reading

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Magic and Mysticism in Scandinavian Vernacular Architecture – on Folklore, Superstition and on How the Gods Really Were in the Details…

The urge to decorate is as old as mankind. Since time immemorial, adornments have served as status indicators, cultural and national insignia, as well as tribal trademarks. Heraldic badges and coats of arms mark political and familial affiliations, and entire … Continue reading


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Celebration of the times before the big disconnect – how the old masters selected wood

I spent my childhood summers on a farm in a rather desolate part of northern Sweden. At one point, much later in life, we were looking into moving a small grain storage barn on the property. It was situated a … Continue reading

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From shou-sugi-ban to acetylated wood – a clean, green future in wood preservation

Tar kiln or “tjärdal” from Öland, Sweden. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. Since humans began using wood, the material has always been subject to more or less successful methods of wood preservation. Alexander the Great is said to have soaked wood … Continue reading

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Julglögg Recipe – the Ultimate in Yuletide Libations

December 13, 2010 Here it is – the recipe for the Swedish version of mulled wine, drunk from the first of Advent, through the Holidays – mentioned in the previous Holiday post. GLÖGG (ö is pronounced like furn in furniture) … Continue reading

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