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Oh mighty metal head…

The other day, in a quest to find someone who could build some metal planter boxes, I visited Delia – a metal works place right up the hill from where I live. My neighbor Jeff works there, and I can … Continue reading

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If you can’t plant a tree, plant a rain garden!

As our world is warming, more and more water evaporates. And, as we all learned in physics class, what goes up must sooner or later come down. As Portland is bracing for at least a week of more or less … Continue reading

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Veni, vidi, WeHoP – a glorious garden geek adventure – part 2

We got out of our cars less than a minute after we left Heronswood, stretched our travel weary limbs, and began exploring the offerings of Celestial Dream Gardens. But, alas, we got distracted! A few yards after getting back on … Continue reading

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Subtle, simple and sensual – material expressions in the Japanese Garden

One of the top destinations in our fair city – in my book, at least – is the Japanese Garden. It never disappoints. Every time I go, I see new things, depending on light, weather, seasons – what have you. … Continue reading

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Foliage Follow-up, June 2013

Happy Father’s and Foliage Follow-up Day! Thanks to Pam Penick and her blog Digging down in Austin TX for hosting this continued celebration to the monthly Bloom Day. The middle of each month has truly become a plant celebration! Check her link out … Continue reading


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Good Sources for Cool Building Materials that May Help Green Your Project

The exhibition catalog for the PNC SmartHome Cleveland (the Passive House I wrote about in my last post) – included a list of companies that provided the materials for that project. In an effort to spread the Sustainable Building Gospel, … Continue reading

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Your very own personal pod…

Came across this on one of my favorite blogs Inhabitat.com and just had to pass it on! It’s so darn cute! It’s Archipod’s spherical garden office pod. Who wouldn’t want one of these to call your own! Very cool!

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Wreath Therapy

A long time ago, when a dear family friend died, I poured my soul into my first wreath. Our friend, who had been a farmer and a forester, had spent much of his life in the deep forests of northern … Continue reading

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HGTV is not Reality TV!

With the arrival of computers and programs like Illustrator and Photoshop, the world experienced a flood wave of newly hatched “graphic designers”. Sure, they might be prodigious navigators of the above mentioned programs, but were they really putting out good … Continue reading

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Designer Fees and How To Control Your Costs

The fee structures of the architectural design world can be a bit confusing to clients, but there really is a method to the madness. Design and remodeling is an affair consisting of many layers, so there is a level of … Continue reading

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